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Pinocchio’s Daring Journey: Attraction Spotlight

Fast Facts

Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland

Opening Date: May 23, 1983

Height requirement: None

Who it’s for: The whole family!

Ride Length: 3 minutes

Fun Fact: Pinocchio borrows the “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion from the Haunted Mansion for the disappearance of the Blue Fairy at the end of the ride.

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey is a “newer” ride in Fantasyland, having been added to the park during the 1983 “New Fantasyland” renovation of the land. This ride is a fantastic addition to the other classic dark rides which have been a part of Fantasyland since Disneyland’s opening day.

This ride explores Pinocchio’s adventure as seen in the movie. You’ll visit Stromboli’s wagon, Pleasure Island, and even have an encounter with Monstro. One under-appreciated feature of this ride to keep an eye out for — at the end before you return to unload, the final room contains dozens of cuckoo clocks. After all, Geppetto was a clock maker!

The Official Word

If you’re interested in the official spiel, here’s how Disney’s site describes the attraction:

Wish Upon a Star

Hop aboard a woodcarver’s cart at the Stromboli Puppet Theatre, where Pinocchio is singing and dancing in a festive marionette show. 

Escape the clutches of the nefarious puppet-master Stromboli, with help from the kindhearted Blue Fairy. Follow the boy puppet as he ventures to ominous Pleasure Island, against the warnings of his loyal friend, Jiminy Cricket. 

When they make their escape to the sea, a new danger awaits: mighty Monstro the Whale! Will Pinocchio find his way back to his maker Gepetto—and become a real boy?

Official Disneyland Website

Lizzie’s Take

Randy’s Take

This is another good dark ride in Fantasyland. On lighter days in the park, this ride will have little to no line, and that’s a great time to do it. While I do really like the Pleasure Island section, there are other dark rides that are more thematic or classic. If you’re looking to skip a Fantasyland dark ride, this is my choice to omit from a trip.

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