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Oh Heimlich, Mein Heimlich

The internet seems to be pretty upset over the loss of Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train with the announcement of Marvel moving in. Seems like these fans have come out of nowhere…but did they truly love Heimlich? Most of our friends and family know how much Randy and I truly loved this ride.

Tell me this…

Did they wait a few ride cycles to get their own train?

Or ride Heimlich in the rain?

Did they get stuck on the ride and feel totally okay with it?

And ride in the front?

And the back? (while pondering the allegorical nature of Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train  no less)

And fill a whole train with their friends?

Or take a VIP Tour Guide to ride it…twice in a row?

Did they make their own Heimlich ears? (Available in the Shop!)


Or Disneybound as Heimlich (and his favorite watermelon?)

And make every friend and family member ride with them?


… Over, and over, and over?


Was Heimlich the first to know when they were newly engaged?

Did they get Bugs Land Anniversary shirts even when they knew it may go away?

… Do those people really love him the way we do?

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