About Lizzie

About Me


Let’s start with the most important thing — my favorite Disney character is Oswald.  Cool.  Now that we have that out of the way, we can continue with other things about me.  I love having all sorts of fun at Disney Parks, whether it’s classic attractions with friends or discovering cool unique experiences that are a bit off the beaten path.  Outside of my Disney obsession, I am an amateur magician and member of the Magic Castle (a private club for magicians only) in Hollywood — so now you know why I often am in Main Street Magic.  I know I’m not supposed to look into the eyes of the Idol, but what can I say… Indy is my favorite ride and I have a hard time resisting Mara.

About Randy

I’m lucky to have a Disney-loving partner in crime.  Randy not only has arms that are long enough to fit both of us in selfies, but is a great person to share in most of my Disney experiences with.  While he has yet to master the fine art of glueing ears together, he’s not bad at working thru computer issues and keeping out 3D printer running in top form.  Oh yeah, and he might have worked for Imagineering… I’ll get him to tell that story here at some point.