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Cinderella Themed Wedding Ideas

You may have seen my posts about Disneybounding at your wedding with dresses from CocoMelody and Disney Inspired Wedding Invitations already. But have you ever thought about going full force Disney with your wedding? If you’re a DIY person then you’ll probably need a trip to the DollarTree and a Cricut to get started. But for those not ready for the crazy DIY projects – there’s thankfully a ton of things on Etsy!

I put together a roundup of some great ideas for those of you thinking of a Cinderella themed wedding! Be sure to leave your favorite items in the comments!

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Wedding Dress

When you think Cinderella, you probably think of that iconic light blue ball gown. However, don’t forget about the wedding dress she has or the darker blue dress from the live action movie. Here are a few options from CocoMelody and Etsy that would fit into those different categories.


Nothing screams princess like a tiara. I’ve found a few on Etsy  and CocoMelody that could be really fun options!



Most people will automatically think of the glass slipper from Cinderella but don’t feel like you have to go this route either. There’s a ton of great sparkly shoes that can give you that crystal like look or you can find shoes that give a little nod to the movie. Here’s some options from Etsy.


Give the groom a little touch of the Cinderella theme too. Check out this cute bow tie!



Bridal Party

Having a bridal party? Dress them in light blue or silver to stay on theme.



Don’t forget to keep your invitations on theme too!


Want to do something a little more non-traditional? Check out these silk and paper florals.



Of course the fun part is all the décor. Here’s some cool stuff from around Etsy to get you started!


At the end of the day it’s important to have fun with it and make it your own. Hopefully this is helpful for everyone planning Cinderella themed weddings!

See you in the parks!


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