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What to Pack for a Disney World Vacation

Wondering what to pack for a Disney World vacation? I’ve compiled a list of items that I find myself or my group needing as a frequent visitor to the parks. Here’s my top recommendations!

Backpack – You’ll want a cute and comfortable backpack for your trip to Disney World to hold everything you need for the day. By far, the most popular backpacks you’ll see in the parks are those made by Loungefly or Stoney Clover. However, there are a ton of great options for Disney themed backpacks on Amazon as well!

Portable Phone Charger – A portable charger can be such a lifesaver at the parks. Now that many of Disney World’s features are mobile based (Genie +, mobile food ordering, ect) you may find your phone battery draining much quicker than usual. I typically like to carry something like this portable charger, however there are smaller options like the Fuel Rod which have swapping stations at Disney World.

Refillable Water Bottle – Disney days can be very long and a water bottle is great to have. Something like this allows for refills all day (plus you can grab some cute Disney inspired stickers to decorate it!)

Autograph Book – If you plan to do a lot of character meet and greets then consider getting an autograph book to collect signatures of all the characters you meet. A popular alternative is a character encyclopedia book where you can have characters sign next to their pictures.

Ponchos – Disney World tends to get frequent rainstorms and left unprepared you may find yourself in a bad spot. I always keep a simple poncho in my bag for those sudden storms.

Portable Fan – Speaking of Disney World weather, you may want to pop a portable fan in your bag because the weather can be very hot and humid. There’s a few different styles that tend to be pretty popular — you can do something handheld or one that sits on your neck.

Cooling Towel – For particularly hot day, bringing along a cooling towel can help you to stay cool.

Flip Flops – For rainy days I like to stash a pair of flip flops in my bag so I don’t get my tennis shoes wet during intense downpours. My go to flip flops are Havaianas.

Apple Air Tag – If you have a stroller with you, I’d recommend attaching an Apple Air Tag to your stroller so you can easily find it. Often times Cast Members will move strollers to help maximize open space which could leave your stroller in a different spot than you originally left it in.

Reusable Straws – If you aren’t a fan of the paper straws that are used in the parks then consider bringing along a set of reusable straws on your visit.

Trading Pins – Pin trading is a fun activity to do while at the parks. Before your trip you can grab some pins to trade from ShopDisney to bring along. You can also find packs at places like Amazon, but be sure that all your pins are official Disney as those are the only ones you can trade in the parks.

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