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Why Use a Travel Agent for your next Disney trip?

Planning a Disney vacation can be an exciting time but also a bit overwhelming with all the options! As a Disney specialized travel agent I regularly am tasked with helping clients navigate planning their dream Disney vacations all while making it a fun experience for everyone.

Years ago when I started planning my very first trip to Walt Disney World, I remember being so overwhelmed by the whole process. What resort should I stay at? Is it necessary to stay on property? How do I get to Disney property from the airport? Do I need a dining plan or dining reservations? And how long should I plan to visit each park? All of these questions and more came up over and over. And I will tell you — that first trip was so much fun, but looking back I really could have used some guidance from a travel agent specializing in Disney when planning our trip to best maximize our time and budget.

Since that trip I have visited many many many more times, have stayed at all levels of Disney World Resorts (and off property too), I’ve dined at many of the restaurants, done VIP Tours, fireworks cruises, mini golf, and taken advantage of many of the offerings I had no idea even existed. Now working with a travel agency I have the experience and knowledge to make sure my clients can best maximize their time and budget for their dream Disney vacation! I’m always happy to get quotes out for your perfect Disney vacation here!

Here’s why you should consider a travel agent for you next Disney trip…

In-Depth Disney Knowledge

Part of becoming a travel agent that sells Disney vacation means that an agent must complete the Disney College of Knowledge and stay up to date on all changes. These in-depth courses provide a great knowledge base for agents to know anything and everything about all the Disney properties as well as cruises. It also means that travel agents are up to date on upcoming changes, events, and other things that could impact your Disney trip.

Experienced in Disney Parks and Properties

Travel agents have incredible first-hand knowledge of the parks and properties. Speaking for myself, I visit Disneyland several times per month and make a trip out to Disney World several times per year. I’ve also been to Aulani and Tokyo Disney. Having first-hand experience at these locations can make a huge difference when planning your vacation.

It’s Free to Use a Travel Agent!

When you’re using a travel agent specializing in Disney, their services are free to use. Travel agents make a commission off of each package that they book without passing along any extra cost to the clients.

Save Time and Money

Your travel agent has extensive knowledge on Disney properties and can help you find the best resort options for your budget and your travel party. This saves you from having to do your own research on all of the options on your own. Plus your travel agent will be aware of any promotions that are running and can help you find the best deals for the dates you’d like to travel.

Dining Reservations

Not sure where to start on scoring dining reservations for your Disney vacation? If you’ve booked a vacation package with a travel agent, they may be able to help. Each travel agent will handle dining reservations differently so be sure to ask before booking your vacation. Speaking for myself, I’m happy to help out clients that book a package with me so be sure to contact me if you’d like that to be part of your vacation package.

Point of Contact

Having a dedicated point to contact that can help you before and during your vacation can be such a valuable asset. Knowing you can get quick responses to your questions about your vacation and have somebody on call to help when issues arise can be extremely helpful!

Extend Your Trip

Thinking about adding a few days on your vacation outside of a Disney property? Your travel agent can help! For example, if you’re traveling to Orlando, many clients choose to add a few days at Universal Studios Orlando (and here’s why!)

Ready to get started with a travel agent specializing in Disney? Get your free vacation quote now!

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