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    Dumbo Funko Pops

    Recently I was introduced to Pop In A Box and now I am completely obsessed with Funko Pops! I had seen Funko Pops before on other people’s Instagram posts as well as online – but until I took a closer look I didn’t realize how many cute ones were out there. So when I saw these Dumbo Funko Pops I was SO excited – btw if you’re a fan of Funko Pops, Pop In A Box has a great subscription service where you can get several Funko Pops per month!) I need all of these in my life:   DISNEY DUMBO DREAMLAND POP! VINYL FIGURE DISNEY DUMBO FIREMAN POP! VINYL FIGURE Disclosure: Some of…

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    Laser Cut Magic Accessories

    I have exciting news – I am the owner of a laser cutter and I am OBSESSED 😍 Randy and I decided to get the Glowforge laser cutter a few months ago and I am happy to announce 3 things: 1. I have been cutting some really fun stuff ✨ 2. I opened a second Etsy shop (MooseAndWalrus) which is where I’m planning to sell my laser cut things 3. Glowforge has an amazing referral program so if you’re interested in laser cutting be sure to use my referral link: https://glowforge.us/QAAXEMBL When I bought my Glowforge I was able to get $500 off by using a friend’s link and even…