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The Tam O’Shanter – Walt Disney’s Spots

Today’s post continues my series of exploring some of the places around Los Angeles Walt Disney frequented when he was alive.  Be sure to check out my previous post about the Griffith Park Merry Go Round.


Opened in 1922, The Tam O’Shanter Inn is a family restaurant in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles — not terribly far from the Walt Disney Studios lot.  Driving down Los Feliz an old school neon sign guides visitors to what looks like an unassuming, if not slightly out of place, structure resembling a very large English cottage.  Pulling into the driveway, I was helped out of your vehicle by the complimentary valet service and then escorted into the lobby thru front door.  As I walked by, I noticed a couple of the plaques on the exterior of the building paying homage to this location’s unique history.  I was so excited to visit one of the places Walt used to frequent I could barely contain myself.


Once inside, we were inside the maitre d greeted us and told us our table was ready.  We had called ahead a week prior and requested to be seated at Table 31 — Walt’s table!  This is where Walt used to sit, have lunch, take meetings, and I’m sure much more.  It’s so cool to sit at the table and think about what sorts of discussions or debates may have taken place at the table.


Above Table 31 sits a framed picture of “Imagineers at the Tam”.  This piece (and indeed the table itself) have an interesting Disney company (not Walt personally) back story.  In 2013, Disney put together an immersive reality game called “The Optimist” to promote Tomorrowland (the motion picture) during the D23 expo and the months leading up to it.  The artwork was created by Disney for the interactive game, which can be seen from the small “Wallace” at the bottom of the artwork.  In addition, there are some faint carvings Table 31 itself.  Those are from a part of the puzzle from The Optimist that still remain (and sadly are not Walt originals).  If you’re interested in more details of the game, there’s a great article about it on The Verge.


When all was said and done, I had an amazing dinner (go for the Prime Rib!) and wonderful conversation with our fellow Disney-loving friends.  I had to get a shot of us enjoying one of the more delicious Walt Disney Spots around LA.  I can’t wait to go back to have another incredible dinner and soak in the history and think of the stories that unfolded at the Tam!



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