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All 61 Disneyland Attractions in 1 Day!

What is Blackout Bingo?

Exactly what it sounds like — doing everything in Disneyland in a single day.  For us this means all 61 attractions listed in the park map — if it is listed in the official Disneyland Park Map as an attraction, we have to do it during our Blackout Bingo day.  Randy began attempting this challenge by himself about 12 years ago — before the Disneyland app existed — hence the paper park map being the authoritative list.  There are many different varieties of this challenge people have attempted.  Ours is one of the most complete and difficult challenges. On August 12, 2017, there were 61 attractions listed in the park map — and incredibly — none of the were down for maintenance.  While this makes the degree of difficulty higher, it also makes accomplishing the feat even more worth it. For the sake of posterity, here is the map from August 12, 2017. After so many people started asking us how we managed to do all the attractions in a single day, we decided to write up this guide to our day, the planning that went into it, and a timelog of how we managed to accomplish it.  There are so many bits of trivia about each ride and small planning details we can’t include, but hopefully this provides you with a small clue about how we went about taking in all 61 attractions in a single day. One note, is that we’ve taken the timestamps from the photos we took on each attraction.  Some of the pictures are towards the front of a queue, some are on the ride, others are during exit.  We have no idea how long each queue actually was, but we typically tried avoid each line.  Perhaps if we do this again we will document our times in a more scientifically rigorous manner. We also assigned “bonus points” for fun things we like to do in the park anyway.  These included things like taking pictures with wandering characters, riding in the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain, managing to get onto the Lilly Belle, and a few others.   We didn’t get too terribly many during our day, but they were some fun optional challenges to throw in.

Picking the Weekend

In order to pick our weekend to complete all the Disneyland attractions we considered the following:
  • Long Hours:  We wanted a day where Disneyland would have Extra Magic Hour beginning at 7:00 AM and remain open until 12:00 AM.  This would give us 17 full hours in the park to complete all the attractions.  As long as we are in line for our last attraction by 11:59 PM – we make it!
  • Refurb schedule:  No scheduled refurbishments on the calendar was critical for this particular challenge.  We wanted to ensure that we would have a shot at getting to everything on the map, and not having to have an asterisk on our day.
  • AP Blockouts: As Premier Pass holders, we didn’t have to worry about blockout dates for getting in, but over the past year or so we started to notice the park was considerably less crowded on days where the lower AP tiers are blocked. We picked a day where only Signature/Signature Plus/Premier were valid.  This means that (rather counterintuitively) the parks have been less busy on Saturdays than Sundays recently.

Planning Our Day

We spent a considerable amount of time in the weeks leading up to this day understanding when rides open and close, choosing the order to hit FastPass attractions in, and looking at show schedules to plan out the day.  Ultimately, we had the broad strokes planned out (lands with approximate times), but did not do a detailed order, as we feel being able to respond to short queues you happen upon is a must. We did pick out in advance the showtimes we were planning for Fantasmic and Mickey and the Magical Map.  With only a few showings per day, it was key we had these as tentpoles on our schedule to build around. Another key to our day is the just-launched MaxPass.  This is a $10 per day add on to tickets that’s included with our Premier Annual Passes.  We’ve been impressed with how easy it is to book FastPasses, many of which have very short return times.  Best of all, you no longer have to physically walk to an attraction to get a FastPass for it.  MaxPass makes this challenge much easier, as you save yourself a whole lot of walking to get FastPasses.  (We previously employed the “scout” strategy, where one of us would go grab a FastPass for for both of us while the other waited in a long standby-only line) Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Your support to this blog is greatly appreciated and commissions go towards bringing you the best content possible!

The Minute-by-Minute Guide to Our Day

6:48 #0 Main Gate

We lined up early for EMH.  Since we were in the first 8-10 people in our turnstile line, they scanned our tickets before 7 AM and as soon as the countdown hit 0, we were free to run (we mean, walk very quickly) into the park.  While we were behind maybe 30 or 40 others initially, many of them stopped to take pictures of a nearly empty Disneyland.  Undeterred, we made our way directly to Peter Pan, and were some of the very first people in line. (Btw – be sure to check out my post on Mouse Ears or check out my Etsy shop if you’re interested in snagging a set similar to these!)

7:07 #1 Peter Pan’s Flight

This is perhaps the trickiest attraction in the park to time.  There are two strategies: 1) be THE first people in line or 2) jump in line at 11:59 PM just before park close.  We obviously opted for the high-risk/high-reward option.  We knew that if we didn’t get close to the front of the line, our day was in trouble.  Pan goes from a 0 minute wait to a 30 minute wait in a matter of minutes at park open.  We just kept walking as other stopped for photos on Main Street …. and it worked!  We got loaded into the 3rd boat of the day.  Once we finished celebrating successfully “rope dropping” Pan (somewhere over London), we enjoyed the rest of the ride.  When we exitied, the exterior queue was up to about 30 minutes.

7:10 #2 Alice in Wonderland

This is another ride which tends to commands a decent wait all day long.  We walked over and discovered there was literally no line and we walked straight on.  It would seem that most Extra Magic Hour Guests are just there for Pan.

7:18 #3 Dumbo the Flying Elephant

If you can’t tell yet from our ride choices, our plan (working so far) is to hit all the Fantasyland attractions in decreasing order of popularity.  We noticed that Dumbo comfortably fits 2 normal sized human adults.  This will be important later in the day *cough*Astro Orbiter*cough*

7:22 #4 Mr Toad’s Wild Ride

Mr Toad is another great little dark ride that’s not too long, but usually has at least a 15 minute wait during the day.  Getting this out of the way early will give us more time later on when the crowds are less forgiving.

7:26 #5 Pinocchio’s Daring Journey

There isn’t a lot of point to running over to Tomorrowland in order to hit rides there when there are still plenty of rides left in Fantasyland for us to hit.

7:30 #6 Snow White’s Scary Adventures

One last classic dark ride in Fantasyland, and we’re off to the carousel which rarely has much of a wait.

7:36 #7 King Arthur’s Carousel

In case you weren’t aware, all the Carousel horses have names and some have stories.  Jingles was dedicated to Julie Andrews in 2008 to celebrate 50 years of service to Disney.  We made sure that on this most auspicious of days, we rode one of the more unique horses. (If you’re looking for Jingles on your own, she’s right behind the wheelchair bench on the carousel.)

7:52 #8 Storybook Land Canal Boats

Storybook Land was scheduled to open at 8 AM, but we noticed they opened a bit early after getting off the Carousel.  They apparently only had 2 boats this early, but since this usually has a pretty decent wait and closes a TON throughout the day (parades, pyro, etc), it was on our list of rides to target early.  It took 10 minutes in line (which is a lot of valuable time in the morning), but well worth avoiding a 30 minute wait later in the day.

8:00 #9 Casey Jr. Circus Train

Casey Jr opens and closes with Storybook Land.  Since Storybook had already opened, we decided to take care of this one before it gets more popular later in the day.

8:08 #10 Mad Tea Party

We were headed to Matterhorn to redeem our first FastPass of the day, when we saw a tea cups ride cycle that was half empty and about to begin.  We diverted and got on with a 0 second wait.

8:21 #11 Matterhorn Bobsleds

We booked our first FastPass of the day during EMH.  Once your ticket is scanned in, you can book Fastpasses, so you can pick your first one before the park “opens” if you’re in during EMH.  Even Matterhorn’s return line gets pretty crazy later in the day, so we were happy to get this one done early.

8:37 #12 Space Mountain

We grabbed our second FastPass while waiting in the return queue for Matterhorn.  We snagged a virtually immediate return time on Space.  This ride commands some of the longest standby waits in the park, and usually FastPass return times are hours in the future.  Our plan had listed to hit Space early to avoid the craziness (and long FP return lines) that plague Space later in the day)

9:00 #13 Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

For a ride that’s at best a C ticket, we are constantly amazed by the waits this ride commands.  We saw coming out from Space there was maybe a 1-sub wait, so we jumped in line. A note for anyone attempting this is a potential line hack here is to request the Accessible Experience aka the Marine Observation Outpost, as that has a separate line from the subs themselves.  We decided this was against the spirit of the challenge so down we with with a sub full of relatively well-behaved children.

9:27 #14 Gadget’s Go Coaster

Toontown typically opens an hour after the park does and rapidly fills with the killer of all Blackout Bingo days — small children.  We had planned to “rope drop” Toontown, but due to riding Nemo we were running a touch late.  We still managed to get there early enough that the waits were still non-existant, including walking on to a half full Go Coaster.

9:31 #15 Minnie’s House

Minnie wasn’t home yet (must have had a late night partying), but since this attraction is listed in the map as “Minnie’s House” and doesn’t mention meeting Minnie, a walkthrough with a few fun pictures checked this off our list.

9:33 #16 Chip’n Dale Treehouse

What was once a fun slide for small children is now reduced to the saddest of the Toontown walkthroughs.  We spent all of 45 seconds in this attraction taking some fun pics, which is exactly 30 seconds longer than it takes to walk through.

9:39 #17 Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey

There are a few different “Meet and Greets” that are featured on the map as attractions, so it was fitting that we checked in with the boss, Mickey Mouse himself, first.  We hadn’t been to Toontown early in a long time, but at least on this morning, Mickey was receiving visitors in the foyer of his house, instead of out in the barn as usual.  We loved this different and charming spot to meet Mickey. After snapping a few pics, we proceeded to walk through his house and barn.

9:41 #18 Donald’s Boat

The tale of another slide-turned-walkthrough attraction.  This one give us a few more interesting and fun photo ops at least, including this “Quackohphone” shot (or at least that’s what we called it).

9:44 #19 Goofy’s Playhouse

Formerly a Goofy’s Bounce House (ahhh… sweet memories of childhood), this Toontown attraction has been transformed into… another walkthrough.  But there are some fun things in here.  We have developed a strange fondness for the taking pictures with the underpants-eating-shark.

9:48 #20 Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

We originally had booked a FastPass for this, but thankfully MaxPass lets you cancel and re-plan immediately.  We cancelled as soon as we walked into Toontown and saw there was no line.  We then rebooked to Buzz Lightyear which was on our list as the next FP on our second swing into Tomorrowland.  After enjoying our favorite scene (falling thru the skyscrapers) Toontown was done and we left for other worlds.

9:56  N/A Stalking Pluto (half bonus point)

On the way out of Toontown, we saw Pluto walking with a bunch of kids following close behind.  We tried to get in for a picture, but this was all we got.

9:59  N/A Quick selfie with Belle and Beast(Bonus Point)

As soon as we left Toontown, we saw Belle and Beast ahead of us walking towards the center of Fantasyland.  With some fast walking, we caught up and they let us sneak in a selfie with them as they wandered.

Time Check 10 AM.

20 attractions down.   If only the rest of the park consisted of 2-4 minute dark rides like Fantasyland, this challenge would be much simpler.   Despite being one-third of the way to our goal numerically, we are far from being one-third complete time wise.

10:10 #21 Pixie Hollow

This Meet and Greet gets a decent line and closes early, so we had planned to hit it shortly after it’s opening — we lost a few minutes since that took 3 tries.  According to the Disneyland app, Pixie Hollow was supposed to open at 8 AM.  It wasn’t… nor was it at 9 AM.  As with any good theme park, it turns out that 8 AM means 10 AM.  But honestly adapting to the day’s conditions is what this challenge is all about.  When we made our way in, Tinkerbell hadn’t woken up yet, but we had a chance to meet with her friend Fawn.

10:16 #22 Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

We hopped into our Space Cruiser and blaster away at Zerg with our blasters.  Lizzie was a bit motion sick still from the combo of Matterhorn, Space, and Cartoon Spin in under an hour, so she had a low-scoring game.  But we also got a really fun ride picture, so that’s a plus

10:38 #23 Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Because with MaxPass lets you book another FastPass as soon as you use the previous one, we were able to grab a Star Tours FastPass while waiting to get on Buzz.  We had assigned a bonus point to being selected as the rebel spy, but despite Randy’s best efforts to look suspicious, a cute small kid was selected.  Bonus point missed.

10:47 N/A Tomorrowland Terrace and Jedi Training

At this point Lizzie was feeling pretty motion sick, so we grabbed some burgers from Tomorrowland Terrace and watched the Jedi Trials of the Temple show while we ate and her stomach settled down.  While this isn’t listed as an attraction and we hadn’t given it a bonus point, it’s a really fun show and vastly more entertaining than staring at people getting in line (I’m looking at you Pizza Port)

11:10 #24 Star Wars Launch Bay

We weren’t sure what exactly would qualify for this checking off this attraction —  we didn’t want to wait for Chewie or Darth Vader — but we also didn’t want to walk in and call it done.  We got lucky and found Boba Fett wandering in the Cantina.  After waiting for the group in front of us, he threatened to haul us off for being rebel spies and took some fun pictures with us.  Randy also shopped for a phone case briefly before realizing we were on a schedule.

11:18 #25 Disneyland Monorail

Continuing on our plan to clear out Tomorrowland and get a little time off our feet, we rode the Monorail for a round trip to …. right back where we started.  Despite the audio being a little off, it was a nice break from walking.  We had assigned a bonus point to riding in the nosecone, while waiting in line a lead informed us that nosecones are currently closed due to maintenance issues making them unsuitable for guests.  We hope Disneyland fixes this in the near future.

12:10 #26 Autopia

We hopped into what looked like a relatively short line for Autopia, we encountered the first setback of our day.  It took us almost 40 minutes to get into a car due to the fact that they held 2 of the 3 tracks for most of the time we were in line.  We had a little buffer time built into our overall schedule, but this used up more than we wanted to have gone before noon.

12:31 #27 Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition

At this point, we had to begin considering getting to the Rivers of America, before they close for Fantasmic each evening.  The most difficult attraction is Sailing Ship Columbia, which only operates for 5 hours each day — from 11 AM to 4 PM.  We decided to head towards the Rivers since we only had about 4 hours left and had to take many trips around the river.  We saw Columbia was on the way into port, but it takes a while to unload.  This was more than enough time to unload the full magazine out of the Shooting Exposition rifles.  Truly a great attraction than too many guests walk right by.

12:43 #28 Sailing Ship Columbia

After the crew took FOREVER to dock and unload the ship, we finally got on.  Our friend Josh joined us for a trip around the Rivers, which was a great treat — friends are a necessary ingredient to almost any Disneyland trip and we’d been severely lacking in to this point.  Thanks to Josh for being the photographer for a number of our non-selfie pictures, as well as putting up with us routinely disappearing on him throughout the day when our paths diverged.

13:03 #29 Golden Horseshoe Stage

We got off Columbia and run across the walkway in to catch the 1 PM show on the Golden Horseshoe Stage.  This is the first of many shows we will be watching today — since the park map is the checklist for the day, and many theatre are listed, we have to watch a bunch of shows.  We watched the Laughing Stock Co. retell how the Bank was robbed by the Mayor.  We’ve seen it a number of times already, but it’s always a great laugh.

13:13 #30 Horseless Carriage

Running out of the Horseshoe towards Main Street, we see the Horseless Carriage loading at the top of Main Street.  As an added bonus, our friend Ryan is the driver today!  He’s one of the best Jungle Cruise Skippers on the river, but has recently started driving the Main Street vehicles on occasion.  While we wish we were on his “bote”, we loved getting to see him all the same.

13:19 #31 Horse-Drawn Streetcar

We hop off the Horseless Carriage and right into the waiting Horse drawn Carriage at the base of Main Street.  Our strategy with the vehicles is to ride the small vehicles from the Castle to the entrance and the larger vehicles back towards the Castle.  This is because (particularly the Fire Engine) can get a fair number of people waiting to ride in from the Entrance.

13:26 #32 Fire Engine

We climb aboard the Fire Engine with Larry — who not only gives us a great history of the vehicle and it’s service at Disneyland (spoiler: it’s a 5/8ths scale reproduction and has been at Disneyland since the late 50’s), but deputizes us as Junior Firefighters in the Disneyland Fire Company.  Larry is a Disneyland treasure – you can see from his name badge, he won the Spirit of Disneyland Award.

13:34 #33 Disneyland Gallery

We passed the Omnibus heading up towards the Castle while on the Fire Engine.  So we knew we had at least a few minutes before it arrives back at the base of Main Street.  We use this time to dash over to the Disneyland Gallery and enjoy some of the history of the Disneyland Railroad.  Randy loves trains of all kinds, so we have already seen this exhibit, but it’s a nice way to pass the few minutes waiting for the Omnibus in some air conditioning.

13:44 #34 Omnibus

The Omnibus pulls up in front of us and we ask if we can ride in the front with the driver.  This is a great way to get to spend some quality time with a Cast Member in addition to enjoying the view.  Our driver is Jessica, who has just started driving the Main Street vehicles in the past few months.  We have a nice talk on the way down the street.  As soon as the Omnibus arrives at the Castle, we making a dash for Critter Country.

14:09 #35 Splash Mountain

We had booked a FastPass using MaxPass for Splash Mountain.  Splash Mountain during the heat of the day gets a pretty decent FastPass return line, so we had a bit of a wait ahead.  After 20 minutes (that seemed an eternity), we climbed aboard and only got a little wet thanks to the front of our log being filled with 3 small children.

14:39 #36 Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes

We had planned to hit Pooh right after Splash, but when we got off the ride, Pooh had managed to go down (Oh bother!).  This totally ruined our plan to not have to walk back to Critter Country later in the day, but c’est la vie.  We hopped aboard the only attraction that makes you do the work and paddled our way around the river.

14:58 #37 Pirates’ Lair on Tom Sawyer Island

Continuing to work on the Rivers of America before they all close down, we set sail to Tom Sawyer’s Island.  We were the last 2 people onto a raft that was boarding as we walked up to the queue area.  We decided to take a few fun pictures out on the island and walked all the way around the perimeter before catching another raft back to shore.

15:18 #38 Tarzan’s Treehouse

Our next planned attraction was the Mark Twain.  Columbia was still taking forever to load/unload, so we figured we had at least 5 minutes free to get thru Tarzan’s treehouse while the Twain was coming around the bend.  (Turns out we had way more than 5 minutes to kill… that Columbia crew was SLOW)

15:35 #39 Mark Twain Riverboat

Once aboard the Twain, we sat inside the 3rd floor parlour enjoying the shade for a bit.  We discussed all the changes to the Rivers with our friend Josh who had joined us once again, and one of the Cast Members on the Twain. We had many thoughts, having already seen the Rivers 3 times earlier in the day — Randy really loves the “murder beaver”.  Due to the Columbia being so slow to get off the dock AGAIN, the trip around the river took closer to 25 minutes as opposed to the regular 15-18 minutes.

16:07 N/A Selfie with Gaston

Getting off the Twain, we started running towards Small World.  En route, we checked the wait time and discovered it was 30 minutes.  We decided to reverse course and booked a FastPass for Big Thunder which were good immediately.  As we ran back thru Fantasy Faire (trying to avoid congestion around the Soundsational Parade) we ran into Gaston and he let us get this ridiculous selfie with him.

16:15 #40 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

With our Big Thunder FastPass loaded on our phones, we run right thru the line.  Within minutes we are on a mine train and headed up and down the hills.  We’ve noticed that the Big Thunder FastPass return is usually very quick, as it seems most people prefer to use Standby for this attraction.

16:40 #41 Indiana Jones Adventure

Our Indy FastPass which we had booked much earlier in the day, finally came up.  Most FastPass attractions have fairly fast return times, but Indy usually has to be grabbed at least a couple hours before you want to use them.  We found the treasure of Mara, but as usual someone looked into the eyes of the idol and we narrowly escaped with our lives.

16:52 #42 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Why this is listed as an attraction in the park map is a bit beyond me… but rules are rules.  If it’s an attraction, we have to visit it.  Since they wouldn’t let us get glammed up, we decided to put on some hats and grab a fun picture with the salon in the background.  Notice our sadness that we can’t be pretty, pretty princesses.

16:53 #43 Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough

Just steps away from the Boutique was our next destination — the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough.  The restored/plussed up version of this walkthrough is really charming and doesn’t take too long to make your way thru. (Not that you should rush… the dioramas are very well done).

16:55 #44 Royal Hall

We were initially planning to hit Royal Hall after watching the shows at the Royal Theatre and Fantasyland Theatre, but as we were headed to the Royal Theatre, we saw there were only 2 families in line to meet the Princesses.  We decided it was probably worth being a minute or two late to the show to get thru the meet and greet quickly.

17:01 #45 Royal Theatre (Beauty & the Beast Story Telling)

We arrived a minute or two late to the show, which wasn’t an issue, since we were planning to stand in the back anyway to make a speedy exit at the end of the show.  We were planning to hit the 5:15 Mickey and the Magical Map, so we knew we’d have to really get out of there as soon as the story got towards the end.

17:19 #46 Fantasyland Theatre (Mickey and the Magical Map)

We had to book it from the Royal Theatre in order to miss as little of this show as possible.  We got there just a couple of minutes after the show started, and again, sat toward the back so we could make a speedy exit as soon as the curtain call started.  Making a quick exit from all the shows is key, before the stroller-monster families clog up all the pathways.

17:53 #47 it’s a small world

After Magical Map, we hit Small World.  We weren’t sure heading into the day exactly when we would  ride Small World, but it made sense since we were close and it meant we wouldn’t have to come into the Northern end of the park again during our day.  The third guy in our photo is our friend Josh who joined us for Small World (and we’ve run into a couple of other times throughout the day).

18:18 #48 Main Street Cinema

After Small World, we decided we’d put off the Railroad long enough and headed to Main Street Station to begin our circle tour.  We planned to drop into the Main Street Cinema for a couple minutes on the way to it and check it off our list.  It’s always great to see Steamboat Willie again.

18:20 #49 Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

As we exited the cinema, we noticed that it was about a minute until the next showing of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.  (For those that don’t know, the show operates every 20 minutes — :00, :20, and :40 each hour).  We decided the timing was too good, so we dropped in to some well deserved air conditioning and watched one of the greatest pieces of history in the park in action.

19:21 #50,51,52,53 Disneyland Railroad

As soon as we got in line for the Disneyland Railroad, we instantly regretted not doing this earlier in the day.  The line took just under an hour, but at least we got to ride in the caboose (not the Lilly Belle, the bench seating one).  If you haven’t seen the updated Primeval World, it truly is amazing and you should do it.  We rode one full circle around and then decided to take one extra stop to New Orleans, as most of our remaining rides were in that direction. One note here is since each station is listed separately on the park map as an attraction, a round trip checks off all 4 attractions.

19:46 #54 Haunted Mansion

We booked a nearly-immediate return FastPass from the app while we were on the train and went to hit Mansion which is one of our favorite attractions.  We got right to the front of the line with our FastPass and headed down into the depths to see the tales of Master Gracie and Constance.

20:07 #55 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

We saw that Pooh had finally returned to a working state and had a 5 minute wait time.  We figured Mansion was about as close as we were going to get Pooh on the remainder of our journey, so it was time to climb aboard our honeypot.

20:31 #56 Pirates of the Caribbean

One of the longest (time-wise) rides in the park, it was finally time to set sail with the pirates.  We did notice that one of the musicians with the donkey has gone missing and has been replaced by a barrel.  Funny, but the barrel sounds just like the missing musician 😉

20:57 #57 Jungle Cruise

As we went thru Adventureland, Lizzie noticed that Jungle Cruise was virtually a walk on, so we decided to hop on board.  We’ve noticed that a lot of the rides on the West Side get very short waits during Fantasmic, so this was a good time to climb into a bote.  Our skipper barely let off the throttle, which wasn’t bad, considering we were trying to get as much done as quickly as possible.

21:15 N/A Dole Whip!!!

We had a few minutes to spare while waiting for the Tiki Room, so we decided a couple of Dole Whips were in order since we were getting dangerously close to our goal.  Only 4 more attractions left!

21:20 #58 The Enchanted Tiki Room

The Tiki Room never disappoints, and this was no exception.  We were sad that Maynard wasn’t working — he does the best intro for the tiki room and usually is there on Saturday nights.  Alas, either he wasn’t working or was on break when we went in.

21:39 N/A Dinner at Stagedoor Cafe / Fireworks

As we caught the tail end of the fireworks, we grabbed a couple of baskets of chicken nuggets and fries to eat with them.  A couple of our friends came to find us as we ate and relaxed before Fantasmic.  We probably could have kept dinner shorter than it was, but enjoyed the break and the friendly company.  We totally biffed and forgot to take any pictures.

22:30 #59 Fantasmic!

We had planned to see the late (10:30 PM) Fantasmic instead of the early one.  It’s much easier to find a spot to watch the late show from, and gave us more time uninterrupted to hit other attractions before we had to start thinking about making our way to a viewing area.

23:06 #60 Astro Orbiter

After Fantasmic ended, we made a quick dash across the park to hit our last two attractions, both located within Tomorrowland – Astro Orbiter and Path of the Jedi.  We had planned to do Jedi first, as Astro Orbiter is a more fun ride to end the night with.  But when we walked by, Oribter had a short line, so we hopped in and got on in 2 ride cycles.  We crammed into 1 rocket and learned the hard way that the rockets are much much smaller than a Dumbo is.  Thankfully the ride isn’t all that long 🙂

23:16 #61 Tomorrowland Theatre (Path of Jedi)

We had been putting off one of our least favorite attractions and it’s almost ironic that it was the last attraction we did for the day.  We finished it up and the celebrating commenced.

23:29 WE DID IT!  We completed all 61 attractions in a single day!

23:35  N/A Epic Map Photopass Photoshoot

After We decided to head to the Carousel to finish off our night.  The Carousel is usually how we finish our Disneyland date nights, and since we had time, decided this shouldn’t be any different.  As we passed by the Castle, we saw the flashes of Photopass and decided to get a fun photoshoot with the park map we had just conquered.

23:45 #62 King Arthur’s Carousel (again)

The way we close out our date nights at Disneyland.  We usually ride Screaming Eagle and Copper, but decided to change it up and and instead rode Lucifer’s Rose and Aztec.  Aztec is unique because it is one of only 2 horses that has a mule head sculpted instead of a horse head.

24:00 N/A Closing Announcement

Since we had just a couple of minutes until the closing announcement, we decided to camp out on Main Street and take a fun little video which we sent to some close friends that had been following our day.  We might post it here in the future 🙂

Closing Thoughts (aka WHY?!?!)

We’ve had many people (via Facebook groups, Instagram, in the park, etc) ask us why we would do it.  Some people assume Disneyland offers a prize or some sort of recognition for doing something so clearly insane.   The truth is there is no accolade or reward at the end of the Some people climb mountains because they’re there.  We do all the attractions at Disneyland… in a single day… because it’s there.  We had a blast challenging ourselves (and achieving!) this feat of mild insanity.  We’re already talking about doing it again next year and are tossing around some thoughts on even getting it done a bit quicker. Also, if you’re interested in a helpful guide to plan your next Disneyland trip, check out my favorite unofficial guidebook! See you all in the parks! -Randy & Lizzie

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