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Hand Applied Crystal Rhinestone 3D Printed Mouse Ears

If you know me in person then you know how much I love sparkly rhinestones. When I first opened my Etsy shop I wanted to focus in on doing rhinestone mouse ears. But over time that vision fell away as I experimented with different fabrics and eventually got into 3D printing mouse ears.

Recently I decided to go back to the rhinestone idea after learning how to use tiny rhinestones from a good friend – she even put rhinestones on a set of my own ears for me! They looked so amazing that I knew I needed to do more.

Every rhinestone is hand placed on these mouse ears for the best sparkle. To start I’ll be offering these in a limited run. But be sure to favorite my Etsy shop and follow my Instagram to keep up with any new releases!

Rainbow Balloon Mouse Ears

Baby Blue Carousel Horses

Mermaid Shell Mouse Ears

Rainbow Mouse Heads
Black Crystal Mouse Heads
Sparkle Suns Mouse Ears
Heart Balloons Mouse Ears

Sparkle Snowflake Mouse Ears

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Which ones are your favorite? Be sure to leave it in the comments below!

See you in the parks!


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