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Navigating My Disney Experience with a Travel Agent

Today I was working with a Disney World vacation client on their upcoming trip to the Fort Wilderness Cabins and saw first hand the value of working with a travel agent. The trip itself consists of 12 individuals…some with Disney accounts and some without…and not everyone knows each other. As you can tell, this one was going to be a bit sticky to try and fully solidify all the details for.

If you’ve been to Disney World before you know just how critical it is to have My Disney Experience updated with all of your information. My Disney Experience holds everything you need — your hotel reservations, dining reservations, tickets, and more. Knowing we needed to get 12 people set up with all of their reservations and tickets gave me a little bit of stress, but thankfully as an experienced Travel Agent I’d done it many times before.

For all of my travel clients, this is something I will automatically do as part of the booking process. However, this client originally wanted to just get everyone linked up on her own. Since she was a good friend I went ahead and let her do it on her own but after checking in I sensed there may be some trouble. This is when I went into full superhero mode!

Within just a few minutes of being in her My Disney Experience account with her we did the following: got both of her resort reservations linked to her account, added all of her guests to her friends and family list, connected her friends and family to the resort reservations, linked all the park tickets, and made all the park reservations! All done within just a few minutes!

What is My Disney Experience?

My Disney Experience holds all of your plans for your Disney vacation. It gives you the ability to manage your plans on the go while you are in the parks. It also holds all of your existing resort reservations, dining reservations, and park tickets for you trip. It’s a true one stop for all of your Disney plans.

Using a Travel Agent

As someone who spends a lot of time in My Disney Experience I’ve become very quick at making sure every client is ready with every reservation for their Disney vacation. Attention to detail is key for a successful Disney World vacation. After helping out friend with her 12 person trip and getting everyone set up with My Disney Experience I realized how valuable it can be to have a Travel Agent to help with planning Disney vacations. Having someone on hand to quickly get you set up on the logistical pieces of your trip leaves you with more time for planning the fun things — like your outfits for every park and planning out all the Mickey ice cream bars you can eat!

As a travel professional I truly love taking care of these types of details for my clients. Making sure trips run as smoothly as possible brings me true happiness. If you are thinking about planning a trip I’d love to hear from you!

Planning a Disney Vacation?

Visit my Travel page to submit an inquiry and get a quote! I’d love to help you book your next vacation!

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