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How to Find Great Cruise Deals

As a travel agent I frequently get asked about finding great travel deals, especially on cruises. Of course my top tip would be to contact a travel agent, like myself, since we are always researching and up to date on deals. But if you’re in the mood to just browse online I’d recommend the following two things:

Cruise Critic is the market leader in consumer cruise information and has in depth reviews about many of the cruise lines. Their main website features tons of great deals that are updated daily. Check out their website here: Cruise Critic.

Cruise Critic

I personally love recommending Virgin Voyages for my travel clients that are looking for an adults only vacation. They’re newer in the cruise space and have been doing a lot of amazing things to shake up the cruise industry in a great way. They have some amazing travel itineraries, their food is top notch, and they have incredible excursions.

And the reason I have been recommending them so much lately is that they have been running tons of different promotions on their voyage fares and benefits. Check out their upcoming cruises here: Virgin Voyages.

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