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Snow White’s Enchanted Wish: Attraction Spotlight

Fast Facts

Location: Fantasyland, Disneyland

Opening Date: July 17, 1955

Height requirement: None

Who it’s for: The whole family

Ride Length: 2 minutes

Fun Fact: You can catch the Evil Queen popping her head thru the curtains above the ride every few minutes.

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish whisks you thru Snow White’s story in a carved log-themed ride vehicle named after one of the dwarves. You’ll ride thru scenes following the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This version of the ride takes you thru her tale of meeting the dwarves and falling in love with the prince. As one of the classic Disneyland “dark rides” this is a great option for families to ride together at Disneyland

“Enchanted Wish” is the third version of a Snow White ride in Fantasyland. This most recent version opened on April 30th, 2021 — the day Disneyland reopened after the COVID-19 closure. While this is the third version of a Snow White attraction only opened recently, Snow White has been in the park since opening day, so it is still considered an “Opening Day attraction”


The Official Word

If you’re interested in the official spiel, here’s how Disney’s site describes the attraction:

Follow the Fairest of Them All

Settle into a wooden mine cart and accompany Snow White as she flees from the evil Queen.

Begin your fairytale journey in the cozy cottage of the Seven Dwarfs, then visit dazzling mines filled with glowing gems. Soon you’ll be riding into the Queen’s sorcery chamber and discovering a magic mirror just as Snow White bites into a poisoned apple!

When all looks lost, will Snow White find her own happily ever after?

Official Disneyland Website

Lizzie’s Take

Randy’s Take

Personally, I miss the slightly darker “Snow White’s Scary Adventure” version of the ride that I grew up with. However, all is not lost from that ride. The first half of the attraction is virtually identical to the “scary” version of the ride, while the second half has been tweaked to be less intimidating for young children. (It wasn’t all that scary though if you ask even child Randy).

This ride also has a fantastic magic moment inside of it where the Evil Queen transforms herself into the hag to offer the poison apple to Snow White. I won’t spoil the effect, but trust me, you’ll love it!

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