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Sorcerer Mickey Disneybound

Putting together Dapper Day outfits can be a fun process (or extremely stressful!) Randy and I didn’t start thinking about our outfits until about a week or so out from the event. And like usual for me – Amazon Prime came to the rescue again.

Randy decided he wanted to do a Maleficent Dragon look this year. He has this incredible sequined jacket with scale detailing on it from the fashion district in Downtown Los Angeles. When he decided to Disneybound as the Maleficent Dragon from Fantasmic I knew that I needed to do a Sorcerer Mickey outfit.


In my usual fashion, I turned to Amazon and some last minute crafting to pull together my look. All in all I absolutely loved how it came out!

Here’s where to find all the pieces:

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Finding the dress seemed like the most critical piece of the outfit. I knew I wanted a red velvet dress and when I saw the sleeves I was sold on this one from Amazon. 

Head Scarf

Although my quest was to find a blue scarf with white stars I ended up grabbing one that was a bit different. Instead of stars I found this amazing blue scarf that has gem detailing on it. Honestly it’s such a steal for how great it is. Found it on Amazon here.


To finish off the look I added some laser cut black glitter acrylic Mickey head earrings. You can grab a set for yourself here on Etsy.


The night before Dapper Day I decided to laser cut and assemble this necklace. Since it was so popular I decided to make a few more and add them to my Etsy shop here.


A rope belt was my gut instinct for this outfit but I worried that I would start to fall into a look that was too much like a costume instead of a true Disneybound. After a bit of searching I found this belt on Amazon. I knew it was perfect because it had the right color and the metal on the front resembled rope texture.


Practical, comfortable shoes are always my go-to when it comes to going to a Disney park. I surprisingly didn’t have a pair of brown shoes in my closet that would work for this look so I turned to searching on Amazon. To be honest, I mostly focused on finding a pair that had good reviews claiming they were comfortable. I grabbed this pair and was not disappointed. 


The particular purse I’m carrying is a Disney Dooney and Bourke purse. Although this one isn’t available to purchase online, you can find a huge selection of the Disney Dooney purses on ShopDisney.



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