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My “All the Rides” Checklist

After my recent blog post about doing all the rides in Disneyland in one day, I’ve gotten so many questions from everyone.  Questions like “Is that even possible?”, “How?”, and my personal favorite — “Why?”.  But one of the other questions I get is about how we managed to plan and keep track of everything on the day of.

Since a bunch of people asked, I figured I’d share with all of you one trick we used to make sure we hit everything.  We came up with this half-sheet checklist to use throughout the day to make sure we didn’t miss anything.  (The mid-day heat has a way of making your brain forget things).  When we were doing all the rides, we kept this on a small clipboard with the Entertainment Schedule for the day.

This enabled us to scribble down showtimes we were planning to see, quickly glance at how far we were on getting to everything, and generally remember which rides we had forgotten to go on (I’m looking at you, Astro Orbiter).

So without further ado… here’s our Disneyland checklist.  Feel free to use it as is, or as inspiration to make your own.

Oh… and I didn’t mention this in my other post, but we did every attraction in DCA the next day.  And we made a sheet for it as well.

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