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Disney Springs Photopass Studio

Today I wanted to tell you about one of the … strangest … offerings at Walt Disney World.  Should you find yourself in Disney Springs, on the eastern side of the complex is the Disney Photopass Studio.  While some people come here to purchase prints and the like, they also have a studio where you can take pictures.  The basic premise is they have a backdrop where they put a digital background behind you and take your picture on one of thousands of backgrounds.  Basically, a version of green screen that can provide for a fun 10 minutes while you’re at Disney Springs.

If this sounds kind of corny, well, you’re not wrong.  We went in expecting it to be corny, and so should you if you’re planning to check out the Photopass Studio.  We did get lucky and had a very fun College Program Cast Member as our photographer.  She was equally aware of the cheesy nature of the pictures — so we all had a great time.

With all that said, if you have some spare moments to kill in Disney Springs, you can definitely get some fun (or funny) pictures in about 10 minutes.  The best part is that if you’ve paid for Photopass already for your trip, all of the photos come as free digital downloads to your Disney World app.  Yay for a free bonus!

PS — Our photographer didn’t tell us what backgrounds she was putting behind us, so we didn’t know exactly what pictures we were taking.  So with that said, I’ve given the prompt the photographer gave us along with each resulting photo.  Enjoy!!

“Look like you’re terrified at what’s going on behind you”

“Look happy and relaxed”

No prompt.  We literally started having a sword fight as soon as she handed us the props and before she could tell us what to do.

“Pretend you’re doing battle”

“Look like you’re flying but you’re scared”

Once again, we got the props and just made up our own poses.

“Look spooky”

“Pretend you’re on a tropical island”  (This is actually one of my favorite pictures from our trip!!)

Thanks Photopass Studio!

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