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Perfect Purple Wall Mouse Ears

You can’t go to the Magic Kingdom without getting that perfect Instagram shot…at the purple wall! I’m not sure why this wall became such a social media phenomenon but I will tell you that it was crowded over there trying to get pictures!

Knowing that I was going to venture into the Magic Kingdom I figured that I should 3D print myself some mouse ears for the occasion. I could have done a lot of different things but ultimately decided to print Cinderella Castle ears in lavender! I was not prepared for what would happen next…The ears were perfect – too perfect! In fact, the color was a match to the wall.

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For reference, here’s the wall. You can find it in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. It recently got a little makeover and had this pattern painted on part of it. It’s pretty fun! And then we took the ears to the wall – it was pure magic!Okay it was also pretty ridiculous 😂

You can grab the ears in my Etsy shop. Be sure to use the code PURPLE for 10% off this set!

And if you’re looking for Mouse Ears be sure to see my post about Mouse Ears For Your Next Disney Vacation!

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