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Nail Polish For Your Inner Princess

When you love Disney and you love nail polish there’s only one thing to do – write a blog post about nail polish colors that remind you of Disney princesses (and a few others)! In my free time I enjoy visiting Disneyland and always am wanting to put together a great Disneybound.

I’ve been getting subscription nail polish boxes from Julep for some time and absolutely love the polish.

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Snow White

This sparkly red polish made me think about mining gems and the pretty red cape that Snow White wears! Find the polish at Julep.


The perfect blue and perfect sparkle. This one is one of my absolute favorites! Buy it at Julep.


Make it Pink! And make it this polish! You really can’t go wrong with a classic pink shade of nail polish. It’s essential for any collection. Polish can be found at Julep.


I love this shiny green polish for so many reasons. I saw a few purple shades that would work for Ariel but as soon as I saw this green it reminded me of her mermaid tail. Visit Julep to purchase.


The yellow sparkly Belle dress needs this polish to go with it! That extra sparkle is just so elegant. Polish can be found at Julep.


I’m loving this teal blue. It reminds me so much of Jasmine. Julep.


This mixture of colors reminds me of all the feathers when Pocahontas is painting with all of the colors of the wind! So classic! Find this polish at Julep.


This pink reminds me of the scene where Mulan gets all dressed up. Such a cute pink and matches so perfectly! Polish on Julep.


Green like Tiana as a frog and green like her GORGEOUS green dress! This green is so much fun and so glamorous. Visit Julep.


I’m getting major pink and purple vibes from this polish. It reminds me of her dress and pretty flowers in her hair. Purchase at Julep.


This shade of green matches her dress so perfectly! Find this at Julep.


My favorite Anna look is when she has that pink cape! Although Edna Mode wouldn’t like that cape, I sure do!

Find at Julep.


This nail polish makes me want to build an ice castle. SO MUCH SPARKLE! Julep.


Vibrant and bold orange is the perfect Moana shade. Makes me want to go visit the beach. To buy this color visit Julep.


Doesn’t this green remind you of Tinkerbell’s dress? And that extra sparkle is just like Pixie Dust. Julep.

Alice in Wonderland

I really love this blue. It’s simple and perfect for an everyday look or a trip to wonderland. Julep.

Elena of Avalor

This red is just like Elena of Avalor in her red dress! So stunning! Visit Julep to purchase.

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