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The Low Down on MaxPass

About a year ago, Disneyland decided to join the 21st century by letting you book FastPasses online (via their mobile app).  This feature is known as MaxPass and is available as an add-on to any ticket or Annual Pass.  MaxPass has the unique distinction of being the one Disneyland up-charge experience I recommend for ANY visitor to purchase.

So what does MaxPass include?  MaxPass includes 2 different, but super useful features.  Let’s take a look at each one.

Mobile FastPass Booking

The first half of MaxPass is the ability to book FastPass return times from the Disneyland mobile app.  While all Disneyland tickets include the ability to book FastPasses by walking to a FastPass attraction and receiving a return time, MaxPass enables you to book these return times for your whole party from your mobile phone.  This may not seem like a big deal… but it really is.

You used to have to walk all the way to an attraction with everything you need for a day to discover that it no longer had FastPasses (or that the return time was after you were planning to leave the park).  In addition, you can easily book FastPasses for everyone’s ticket at the same time.  No more trying to keep track of which tickets you’ve already used for Fastpasses since it’s now all on your phone!

Unlimited PhotoPass!

Get you Mouse Ears ready because MaxPass also comes with unlimited PhotoPass downloads throughout Disneyland and California Adventure.  It’s no secret that PhotoPass is one of my favorite things at Disneyland.  I love capturing my memories in the park with my friends. MaxPass includes all attraction photos (like Space Mountain and Radiator Springs Racers), as well as photos with the PhotoPass photographers throughout the park. You simply type the number from your photo into the Disneyland App and it will be downloaded right away.

But my favorite is that all the PhotoPass camera people throughout the park with DSLR’s that will take your picture that is uploaded to your phone nearly instantly.  PhotoPass photographers are great because you don’t have to worry about bringing a heavy, fancy camera into the park.  Nor do you have to make one of your friends stand out of the shot every time.  In short, it’s like having a professional photographer (or more accurately, dozens of them) tag along on your vacation for a super low price.

Once you’ve handed the friendly PhotoPass photographer your ticket or Annual Pass, the photos from their camera will join all of your attraction photos in the Disneyland app on your phone for you to download and post!

So there you have it…. a simple explanation of what MaxPass is and why I think it’s the Disney Upgrade that’s worth buying!  If you’re buying MaxPass, make sure to check out my next post about how to maximize your MaxPass!


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