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My ear journey began in September of 2017.  After so many Disney trips, I had acquired a number of pairs of official Disney ears, as well as a healthy collection of Etsy ears.  None of them really represented the odd lesser-known characters I love or the specific style I enjoyed.  So I decided to start designing and making my own fabric ears to wear in the park.

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Fast forward ever-so-slightly to me having made more than 50 different sets of ears using all sorts of fun fabric I found at stores and from Etsy.  At this point Randy told me our house was too full of ears and I needed to start finding some way to not have so many pairs around…. and Adventureland Ears Company was born.

After a couple months of successfully selling fabric ears, in November, I noticed that we had a Cricut die-cutter sitting unused in the corner of our office.  I wanted to be able to put fun Disney-inspired decals all over everything in my house!  So after a number of experiments and hours spent in Photoshop coming up with some super fun designs, I launched my line of decals in my Etsy Shop.  At first I tried a bunch of different types of vinyl for cutting decals, but eventually figured out the best medium to cut was Cricut’s incredible quality vinyl that comes in a bunch of fun colors and finishes!

Fast forward to the Holiday Season, and I’d been seeing a lot of different types of 3D Printed ears in the park.  I looked into some print-on-demand services like Shapeways, but ultimately decided to take the plunge and get my own 3D Printer.  I would up picking the Robo 3D R1+ as my printer to start experimenting with.  After many experiments (and some hilariously bad failures), I was starting to get a hang of printing out my own 3D ears.  I figured out after trying a bunch of different print media that Hatchbox’s selection of PLA Filament was by far my favorite to print with.

So what else does the future hold for me?

I have so many more fun ideas and I can’t wait to make them come to life.  Be sure to stay connected with me!

Until then…here’s some Mouse Ears I’ve recently made!

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